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This sleeper came out of nowhere and surprised us all at EGM. Hercules takes everything you liked from old side-scrolling classics and gives them a big Bit boost.

This game looks incredible. The controls are mediocre you’ll take a lot of unnecessary hits , and the game is short, but it’s still recommended. This one takes me back to the good days of Virgin’s Bit Disney-based games. Hercules packs the old-school charm and gameplay of classics like Aladdin, combined with the most fluid animation yet seen in a PlayStation game.

It offers a good variety of levels, too The side scrolling stages are the best. I do wish it was easier to collect passwords. This is one of the biggest surprises to come out of E3. Hercules is an outstanding platform game that really captures the look and feel of the Disney movie. The hand-drawn art is excellent, in addition to its technique of combining 2-D and 3-D graphics. There is plenty of variety between levels, and most importantly this game is just a lot of fun to play.

Fans of Disney’s latest animated feature may be disappointed by the film’s side-scrolling PlayStation adaptation, but gamers nostalgic for 2D action won’t be. Hercules puts you in the title character’s Air-Hercs for level after level of repetitive platform-style action. Here punches rocks! Here swings on logs! Here slays street thugs! Along the way, you’ll discover weapon power-ups, collect coins and letters, and travel in and out of background layers as you prove yourself a true hero.

The main problem is that we’ve all played this game before, just with different dressings. Disney’s Aladdin comes to mind first, but pretty much any movie-tie-in game where the lead character runs to the right, takes out baddies, and collects things will do.

And like Donkey Kong Country, once you’ve found all the secret paths and items, this game’s ancient history. The Hercules feature film may be a blockbuster, but the video game version of this fable falls short of Olympus. Characters pixelate pretty severely when they get close, and the game is more 2D than 3D, but the hand-drawn animation is smooth. Crisp tunes and effects have been transplanted straight from the flick.

The music’s jaunty and hummable without being overly annoying. The controls may be basic-jump, punch, super punch, and sword are almost all you have to worry about–but they’re certainly solid. It’s nice to see so many elements come straight from the movie, but the traditional gameplay really holds the game back.

Hercules is an interesting action-adventure game that combines colorful Disney-quality animation with sophisticated 3-D graphics. Hercules is based on the newly released Disney movie, and it follows it quite religiously. There are even actual cinematic clips taken from the movie and incorporated into the game. Although not contributing to gameplay, these contribute to the game’s cartoon look which the programmers of Hercules sought to achieve.

It is also sure to please fans of the Disney movie. Of course, you control the muscle-bound Hercules character. The game is mostly action oriented, but it does require that you use your brain and brawn to fight the mythical creatures and villainous enemies you’ll find in your quest to live on Mt. Olympus as a god. These enemies include the Hydra , a beastly monster with an assortment of heads that regenerate if decapitated; the one-eyed Cyclops; and the ever-beautiful Medusa. Each of these villains pose different threats to you and will have to be toppled in order for I Hercules to obtain his status as a god on Mt.

Not only does the game provide great animation, but the different voices that come from your animated allies add to the ambience of the game. There are 10 different levels within the game, and each is taken from various scenes in the movie. Most of the levels are that of sidescrolling fare, but there are also 3-D sequences such as one that is an incredibly long obstacle course spaced throughout giving the game variety.

There are three different worlds within these levels. They consist of Earth. Olympus and the Underworld. The graphics in Hercules are impressive, as it meshes 2-D side-scrolling gameplay with 3-D graphics and landscapes. For instance, axes and other 3-D obstacles will swing back and forth, giving the game depth.

One notable feature about Hercules is the way he can move in and out of several layers of background scenery, which enhances the overall depth and gives the game an extra element of exploration. Using this, many levels have multiple paths and secret areas that hold extra power-ups and goodies. In stores now. Hercules is a game that will appeal to both fans of the movie and to gamers who love a good action game. Here he is again, the man of the summer, Hercules.

He’s the lead in a major motion picture and the star of 2 video games. What more could a strong man ask for?

This version of Hercules is a Disney-licensed game based on their smash hit movie by the same title. This is your basic steer-the-hero-through-levels-of-bad-guys-and-save-the-babe type game. There are some extras along the way to keep you on your toes, and the graphics are beautiful. Hercules is your basic side-scroller platform adventure game. But wait, not every level side scrolls and not every level plays like a platform game.

What will you do? My guess is you will have fun. The levels range from the seen-it-before category to the seen-it-before-but-not-very-often category. The game starts off taking you through a rigorous and long training course that gives you time to work out any control issues. Normally these types of games give you a couple of short and easy levels and then throw you into the fire. In this game, you get one long, easy level. After completing the first level, the fun begins as the subsequent levels get a bit shorter and more exciting.

The second level has you racing down the road trying to collect items and dodge enemies and obstacles. This would be no problem except the screen is constantly moving so you can’t take your time. This level reminded me of the levels in Crash Bandicoot where you ride around on the back of the pig thing.

After this level, you go back to a side scroller and eventually you battle giant birds, as well as Medusa and some other meanies. None of the levels are too difficult to make it through, but I did find something I didn’t like: the way you saved the game.

I know this does not make sense so hold on while I explain. Become a true hero in a battle of mythic proportions. So jump in the hero seat and get ready to battle your way through three ancient worlds, ten challenging stages, and a hoard of mythological monsters.

Defend Thebes from the evil Centaurs and Harpies! Fight off the menacing Titans on Mt. Defeat the multi-headed Hydra and send a hot-headed Hades back where he belongs. Legendary gaming features:. Ten stages of heroic gameplay where you battle the Titans, defend Thebes, rescue Meg from the Underworld and more.

Hidden areas, Herculade power-ups and magical weapons ensure hours of replayability. All the excitement and humor of the movie come to life with original character voices, music and actual sequences from the film. Multiple levels of difficulty make it perfect for gamers of all ages A Rich, Personal Narrative.



Hercules game free download full version for pc


Gratis download game pc offline ukurang kecil untuk pc dan laptop windows full version. An epic voyage to find the Golden Fleece! Download and play for! Jika Перейти на страницу mencari tempat untuk mendownload atau situs untuk mengunduh game pc ringan In Hercules game free download full version for pc Of Atlantis you have to appease Poseidon, the patron god of the Atlanteans, and save the legendary continent in this full version game. Help Hercules find the true leader to rule Olympus!

The Path of Hercules PC sownload to download. Help Hercules tame the great Cretan Bull! The beasts Scylla and Charybdis got Hercules! Help his wife Megara the hero and then. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using versiin Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Gratis download game pc offline ukurang kecil untuk pc dan laptop windows full version.

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