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Install the User Client on Mac OS X – Access Games Instantly

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If the PCClient app is running, it will only ask you to log in the first time Go to the following link to Download and Save the PaperCut Client. The latest version of PCClient is on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for the General category. Download Center · Datasheet · Network Camera Analog Camera NVR Transmission Storage IP-Kit Accessories Client Software VMS Intelligent Computing Energy.

PC Clients Download – AcroVista Software

You can run the client directly from the PCClient share setup on the server. To resolve this, download and install the Windows Installer After you download the installer file,, (see general instructions for the link) double click on the zip file to unpack it, then run.


How do I install the PaperCut client software? | PaperCut


For Macs running For Macintosh computers running versions of Mac OS older than The instructions for the “single user install” follow the standard Mac application installation process and can be conducted by any Mac end user.

The other installation methods are more technically focused and aimed at Mac network administrators. For these systems the legacy client must be used. If the client fails to start, ensure you are using the correct client for your system. Use this path to locate the client when referenced in the following sections.

The legacy client software works best if Java 5 or higher is installed. Java 5 is available for OS X If Java is not already installed, the installer is available from the Apple website. This method is suitable for a Mac computer used by a single user. For example, a personal Mac desktop or laptop. The installation process involves clicking the client-local-install program. Installing the PC Client: 1. Click the Devices button.

Install the client software on the client PC by running the downloaded client file. Configure the client:. You can also export the session log as a.

If the installation was successful, and you are logged in to the client, you will see a virtual shared folder with the name RushFiles and drive letter U: both are default values in File Explorer, or any other file manager program. From this point on, you can use the RushFiles virtual drive just like a regular shared drive.

You can do anything with the data that you can do on any other drive, with the exception of creating folders on the root of U: and moving data between root folders of U:. This is because root folders are Shares which can only be created using the web client. Files that are not downloaded to your computer are marked with a small X overlay, and offer no preview. These files need to be downloaded before they can be accessed, which requires internet connection.

You just need to double-click on such a file, and it will be automatically downloaded and opened with the relevant app. Files that are already downloaded have a preview thumbnail, and do not have the small X overlay over their icon. These files are accessible and editable even without internet connection.

Your edits will be uploaded the next time you connect to the internet. You also have access to the RushFiles context menu. To use the functions of this menu, open File Explorer and right-click on a file or folder in the U: drive, and hover over “RushFiles”.

For folders, the available options are:. This downloads the entire content of the folder, making it all locally available. The downloaded files are deleted per the “Keep Deleted Files” setting. This makes it so that the entire content of the folder is always available locally, and changes to it are also automatically downloaded as they happen.

This one creates a public link with the company default settings. The URL of the public link is copied to your clipboard, so you just need to paste it somewhere and send it to the person you want to share it with. This one also creates a public link with the company default settings, but instead of saving the URL in the clipboard, your default Email app is opened with a new mail, and the URL already pasted in.

For files, the available options are:. This downloads the file, making it available to you locally. See above. The MSI option discussed here must be manually updated. It is common in large organizations to progressively roll out new software as a series of small steps, for example, the IT department might get the software first, followed by a roll out across the organization.

Do not deploy the MSI directly from the PaperCut install directory because the contents of this directory change when PaperCut is upgraded. This can result in problems in your MSI deployments. If you need to make adjustments to the client such as modifying config. Changes made are distributed to your domain as the MSI deploys. Deploy the pc-client-admin-deploy. Configure pc-client.


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